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Hi Everyone: I have been a CNA for 14yrs. looking to go to American Medical Careers in Flint( which will be an 1.5 hr drive for me) for LPN Sept 2009, found out about this program on MI... Read More

  1. by   goodguyrn2010
    Yes but can I expect to be employed after, the money for the program is coming from TAA for displaced workers, so it aint my money, I know someone that is a displaced worker going to Everest for a one year LPN at 30k
  2. by   goodguyrn2010
    I was also told salaries for LPNs are around 20/hr? Is that true? Im just asking this before I get into this so-called one year program, will I find work after going to AMC and will I be getting paid?
  3. by   goodguyrn2010
    Got another question, during your LPN training you become a CNA? If thats true can you work during your training too? So much I dont know
  4. by   springing
    Has anyone who has taken these one year technical school LPN programs had any trouble getting into an LPN-RN program at a traditional (CC) school after? Care to share your experiences? I don't want to stop at just LPN, but I don't want to have to wait ages just to get into an LPN program at a community college.
  5. by   goodguyrn2010
    Your concern is the same as my own, my thing is with a technical school I have heard of folks finding work after, and in this economy it would be great if you could work earning money and experience while going thru the transition from lpn to rn, I hope its a good sign that from what I have learned, whether tech school or major university all of these programs are filled to capacity with students, so it must have some value.
  6. by   maltesegrl
    Honestly I dont feel prepared. I mean its nursing school Its hard regardless and if that is the only place you got in at then go there. Sallie Mae doesnt do a loan for this. Trust me been there done that and fellow classmates. I dont a 10 G bridge loan from the school its a private loan and you need a co signer that has great credit. Then the other half I got from no worker. I honestly felt this place was a nursing mill. They get you in and out. But by the time u go youll have new I mean new teachers like Mrs.Bell who came on in our last semester and well she doesnt like to answer any of your questions and it made it difficult. I didnt work while in school alot of ppl did and I dont know how they did it. All I can say i read your materal
  7. by   SPNCandace
    I saw someone else mention this but I am currently attending Latoya's besides the horrible unprofessional name it is a good school. I do think that I am getting a stellar education from there and it was only 13,000 dollars for me to attend. It's in Saginaw and it's only a 1 year program from October to October. I think that the class for 2010 the tuition will be 14 grand. The downside to this program is since it's a nonprofit school there are no payments plans and that almost stopped me from attending.