Accelerated on line RN program available in Detroit area?

  1. I have a JD and work full time. I'd like to obtain an RN but cannot quit my day job. Does anyone know if there is an accelerated RN program available in the Detroit area with on line classes? (Or, if no on line classes, then night time classes?)
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  3. by   777RN

    I believe the ABSN at Oakland University makes use of online theory classes. Similarly, Northern Michigan College in Traverse City offers an ADN with an online theory component. In any case, clinicals are on site at hospitals in the vicinity of the institution. There are no prelicensure programs without clinicals, with the exception of the ADN at Excelsior. However, to attend Excelsior's nursing program, you have to be an LPN or have some other type of licensed/verifiable medical experience, with a few very specific exceptions (e.g., military or, on a case-by-case basis, 50% completion of a traditional nursing program).

    Chamberlain offers online theory classes for its prelicensure ADN; clinicals are in Ohio. University of Wisconsin has an ABSN program with an online theory component. In the past, clinicals could be in any state (not sure if this is still so). Finally, Western Governors University offers a prelicensure BSN (not specifically accelerated) with online theory classes to students in certain states. Indiana is the closest one at present.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!