About renewing the RN license (first time) in MI

  1. Hi,

    I just got my RN license from MI Department of Community Health a couple weeks ago. However, it shows that the expiration date of the RN license will be 3/31/2007. Could someone please tell me

    1)Does the nursing board require the Social Security Number(SSN) while renewing my RN licence first time since I am a foreign nurse and I do not have SSN now?

    2)Do I need to take some nursing courses or education in order to renew my license? Thanks a lot!
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  3. by   aimeee
    I think you will find the answers to your questions here:

  4. by   goofy'smom
    the web site provided will probably answer all of your questions. however, i wanted to add that after you renew the first time you will be on a regular every 2 year renewal schedule. michigan requires 25 continuing education units during that 2 year span in order to renew. hope this helps.
  5. by   mygirl778
    hi. first of all, i would like to thank allnurses.com for the birthday greetings. may you continue to be a blessing to everybody.

    with regards to the renewal of license, i would like to know those who have renewed for the first time if an SS# was required. i am in NZ right now and i need to renew my license on the 31 of march 2007. thank you so much!!!
  6. by   elimommy
    Thank you for posting this!!! I will be renewing my MI nursing license for the first time in March. I have been asking my coworkers, but none of them seemed to remember their first time renewing their license!!