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Miami Dade College Spring 2016 nursing program


Good morning/night to all who are reading this,

I created this post in the hopes that all applicants applying for the nursing program at Miami dade submit their experience they have had so far And also submit any questions they might have. I'm currently applying for the accelerated option but would like to here what others are doing in the part time and generic option. I little about me is that I have a BSN in health science (2014) and have taken all the prerequisites with the exception of A&P 2 (which I am retaking in summer b June 22).

Right now my biggest concern is the hesi a2 exam we have to take and making sure i ace it because by science gpa is not so hot right now. I have read prior posts and it seems like A&P is the most challenging section. Has anyone taken it as yet? Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Also I'm worried that after they evaluate my degree they might not take my science subjects and make me re do them :'( :'( . Has any one transcript been evaluated yet?

Hey guys .. For those of you that took your pre requisites from another institution do you know if you have to take the chem 1033. I took mine at USF , chem 1045 and 1046 and it seems as if they want me to re do it and Miami dade. Is there way to get an exemption