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Who applied to the nursing program at this school for Fall 2016? When are letters supposed to be sent out? Has anyone recently been through this program? I applied for the ASN program. Let's chat!


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I applied to both the BSN and ASN programs and am impatiently waiting for my letter(s)! Do you know when they will be sent out? I saw that last year it was around the 5th and the year before it was around the 15th.


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Hey all! I am a transfer student from Kennesaw State University and just got accepted into the Nursing Program for the Fall 2016 semester. I'm a male in need of a roommate either on (preferred) or off campus. I'm a chill guy and has partially lived with girls before, so I know of a couple of things in order to keep everyone happy as far as doing my part to keep the place clean and cooking. I'm serious about this next step in my life and would love to surround myself with people likewise. If you are interested or would like to know more about me, feel free to email me at