MGHIHP Direct Entry MSN


Hi there nurses and future nurses!

I've just created an account on allnurses, although I've been reading threads for quite a while now. It's so inspiring because it makes me feel like I WILL make it into nursing school someday. But at times it's also a bit disheartening to see all these applicants with amazing GPAs and experience.

I'm about to graduate in June with a BS in Biochemistry but I'll be completely honest--my GPA is extremely low. Currently I feel that my best chances are at schools with a 2.5 minimum GPA requirement, or ones that only average out your last 90 quarter/60 semester units. (These are usually ABSN programs of course.)

My goal is to be a nurse practitioner, so the entry-level Master's programs are my top choice. I'm well aware that my chances are slim, so if I have to do an ABSN first I will definitely take that route. I know for sure I want to be an NP though.

Currently one of the schools that I've read about and absolutely love the sound of is MGHIHP. I've read pretty much the entire website but I can't seem to find a minimum GPA requirement for the program. I've googled it and all I've seen is that they require at least a C in the pre-reqs. Can anyone here (applicant or current student) confirm that there is no GPA requirement? Or that there is and I've just completely missed it..?

Also, I'd love to hear from people who've been accepted into the program in recent years what your application was like (GPA, experience, etc), especially if it wasn't spectacular like a lot of applicants on here. I want so badly to succeed in this career path I've chosen and sometimes I just need some reassurance that there is still hope for me..