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Mgh Np Program

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone is going/has gone to Mass General's program for NP (entry program)......care to share info.? Thanks!

hi..i just finished up the program at MGH IHP back in Dec, but I was in the RN-MSN program. However, most of the student body are entry RN students. As for the program, from what I've heard..the first half of the program is intense and very good ..then it kind of sputters out in quality towards the end. There's been alot of changes in the school this past year..some professors have left and the current president just stepped down..MGH IHP is also trying to expand..and now they're introducing the DNP program!

My experience was up and down. FOr the most part the program is a positive..some professors are genuinely interested in your progress....its kind of what one makes of it.....good luck.

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