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Hey! I took it on Saturday! I signed up to take it the week before. I couldn't find a copy of the study guide and I didn't have the time to wait for it to arrive in the mail, so I used an RN/LNL study guide that said it covered the NET too. It DIDN"T! Don't waste your time studying the LNL, there is NO science on the test. go figure.

I think I did pretty good. It was actually really easy if you know what it's going to be about. There are several sections. Math-45min- really easy (basics plus a lot of %, some ratios). Verbal-20min- regular reading comprehension. 3 sections are common sense questions (no right or wrong answer) to see how you think, how you learn and personality questions.

***The last section surprised me!!! There were 20 questions about test taking skills. For example: what percentage of multiple choice questions are over vocabulary words??? and, In true and false questions the most likely correct answer will be the shortest or longest??? At the beginning of the study guide there are many tips on how to take tests like these. STUDY this part too!

I hope this helps you. ;)

Thank you, so much! :D

I guess the NET has changed! I am so glad there are no science questions!

Thanks for the hints! I had not really paid attention to the first part on test taking skills. Can you guess what I am going to be reading next? ;)

When will you find out your results? I hope soon!

Thanks, again!

The results will be back within 4-6 weeks. I hate waiting! :rolleyes:

Hey I noticed you are in Memphis. There is a possibility I will be moving there in August. My husband can't decide if he wants to spend 7 LONG, HARD years in Med School, or just go 4 easy years in Optometry School there in Memphis. We are still thinking about what to do. If we do go, my nursing will be put off.

Here, in Little Rock, the programs only accept once a year. What about there? When are the application deadlines and such? Maybe I can go ahead and apply there too, if it isn't too late.

you can email me if you like,

[email protected]

:D Wendy

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