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I'm going into my J2 semester and I'm trying to figure out what I want to do next summer. Has anyone heard anything about or been in the summer student internship program at the Methodist Hospital in Houston. I was hoping to get more information about the program especially since you can go into various ICU programs during the summer there. Thanks!


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The internship is very good, I work at Methodist and have worked and taught many students. The CVICU is probrably the most intense and strong unit to work in. If you do a summer intership there you will learn a ton and will prob. be offered a job if you work your tail off. Email me with any questions, good luck, Methodists is truely a world class facility with the world reknown Texas Medical Center, you will see more in the Med Center in one summer than you would in a suburban hospital in a life time.

I am definitely interested in the intership. I was trying to decide between MICU, SICU and CVICU as my top choice. I would like to go straight into an ICU new grad/training program after I graduate and then hopefully after a few years move onto a CRNA program. How competitive is the program? Right now I have a 4.0 GPA and I know I can get 2 excellent recommendations. I'm from Houston and I know how amazing the Med Center is. I'm also trying to decide between going back to Houston or going to DFW after I graduate. Thanks so much for the info!


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Many years ago I did this program as a student, then went straight to ICU when I graduated.

They do a wonderful job showing you what it's like and letting you get involved without throwing you to the wolves. If you have the opportunity to do this you should grap it. You will get a true understanding of whether you are cut out for ICU nursing or not.

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