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Hello! I was wondering if I could get some help. I took math, English, and psychology courses that would cover the pre-reqs at MCC and ASU, BUT, they were taken more than 8 years ago. My advisor didn't mention anything about these courses being too old, but she did mention how my biology class in high school "wouldn't count because it was taken more than 7 years ago." I didn't think at the time to ask about the other courses. I just asked her if the ones I registered for (BIO 181, A&P, and CHM 130) were the right ones. Since it's the weekend, I can't contact her. So I'm looking for some help. Are these classes too old to be considered for MCC and ASU?



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I don't know about MCC, but the ASU nursing program only has the seven year limit for the lab science courses. It's okay if your English, math, and psych classes are old. My psych and English classes are over eight years old and I got into the program. If you apply to ASU, you will only need four lab science courses: chemistry, microbiology, and two semesters of anatomy. No additional biology classes are necessary. You can find a full list of courses here:

Good luck!

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