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Meridian CC-ADN Fall 2015

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Got into the Fall ADN 2015 program. Is anyone from the Jackson area in it? Would love to form study groups, carpool, and/or meet new people, etc!

Heyyyy!!!! I don't live in Jackson but I'm from there. I reside in Starkville now.. I got accepted to the ADN program for this fall. I assume our "workshop" is orientation.

Great and congrats too!!! How far is your drive? And yes, I assumed the same thing. Definitely ready to get started. It's good talking to someone, being that we might not know anyone in the Meridian area.

MY drive is about 1 hour and 30 tops... it sucks but it's not the worst, i suppose. Thankfully, this semester, I have Monday and Friday's off and clinical on Thursday along with a nursing enhancement class. So Thursday's will be long. what about you??

My drive time is about the same but it'll be worth it. My classes are Tues, Wed, and clinicals on Fri :/ but the good part is, I was told from the admin staff that the first semester of clinicals is prob 5 or 6 times during the semester so hopefully that will stay true. I know alot that have made the long drive so we can do it!!!

Well, that's not too many! And for sure we can! I'm excited and going to enjoy the rest of this summer break before the madness begins. í ½í¸£

Hey, are you still at MCC?

Have you finished the program?