Mercy Gilbert Medical Center


Hello my name is Brandy and I am going to be graduating from ASU (Arizona State University) and will be getting my BSN this May 09. I really, really want to work for Mercy Gilbert in Gilbert, AZ. I had my critical care rotation and I fell in love!!!! I love the culture and the supportive environment and the staff there are amazing!!! Its also very holistic and I feel most comfortable and confident at Mercy Gilbert. What can I do to get a position as a new grad RN there? Can anyone please help me? I've applied online, but it seems like they only have ER positions and from my understanding ERs are hesitant to hire new grads. I would love to start out my nursing career on a tele med surg unit or any med surg unit for that matter. I think med-surg is an excellent place to start my nursing career and build my nursing foundation. If anyone can help me, please PM me. Thank you so much!!!:redpinkhe

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