mercer university's BRN... do I have a chance?

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Hello all!

I applied to GPC nursing program and did not get in :cry: I am going to apply again but I am looking to apply to mercer as well. I am worried I may not get in. I would love some advice from other students in a nursing program (especially Mercer's program)

A&P1 - B

A&P2- A

Micro- currently enrolled

Chem1- C

Chem2- C

College Algebra- C

most prereq- B's, two A's & human development- C

over all GPA- 2.9

My TEAS V is good (not sure if I should retake it to get great)

I do have a few classes left & a good chance to get my GPA back to 3.0

I am just nervous I will not get into a program with these grades & I do not wanna give up on my dream to be a nurse.

I want to continue to apply & try but I am pushing 30 so time is not on my side.

Do I have a chance?

What should I do?:bugeyes:

The good news is you are not too old! I promise! I am from south Mississippi. I am 36 years old and just now applyng for the BSN. My friends in my AP classes are in there 30's! Never give up hope on your dream! I would apply for ADN and BSN programs. If those choices don't work, I have seen some people on this message board retake a few classes to pull their GPA up. You can do! Best wishes!!!

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