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Hey y'all!

I am currently working on paperwork for Air Force Nursing Corps. I'm going through my medical history, and I'm wondering if anyone knows what conditions are considered disqualifiers for a commission. I've read a few articles, but they're over ten years old and some of the information is contradictory.

Any information would help!


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A lot of the disqualifies are very disease specific and are difficult to paint with a broad brush. That being said if you have a condition that has been resolved they may have you see a specialist (on your dime) who can clear you of your condition and state that you are fit for active duty.

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That's the general impression I'm getting from my recruiter. He treated my history of shoulder pain, ankle sprain, and minor procedures like they were absolutely disqualifying conditions. He wants to submit my medical accessions packet to MEPS for their review, but states he is not confident they will select me based on the information provided. If I can get a specialist to review my medical record and perform an exam, it sounds like they'd be more apt to choose me. Your input is reassuring. Thank you.


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None of that should be disqualifying on its face. Absolutes are things like asthma, exczema, anaphylaxis, certain diseases (even when well-controlled), etc. Your recruiter should be already be planning to submit waivers if MEPS kicks stuff back. But more than likely you'll spend several months sending documents to MEPS via your recruiter.