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Anyone out there speciallising in Older Peoples Mental Health Services. Love to chat and compare notes.


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Are you community based Mageen?

I am an RGN with an interest in mental health. I'm a community case manager in Bradford and we have an RMN on secondment to carry out Assessments for Funded Nursing Care and Continuing Healthcare Funding. Is this making any sense to you:confused:

We have problems on the mental health front as all of us in the team are general nurses. Seems there's trouble finding a RMN to do the job on a permanent basis :(

Not sure how we get around that one, but I'd be glad to chat on the subject of mental health.



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Thanks for the reply. My service covers both Community and in patient areas in East kent. The issue of Free Nursing Care Assessments is causing everyone problems. We previously had an RMN Clinical Nurse specialist who worked with Nursing and residential homes. lately we have re skilled the role to allow 2 x F Grade RMN's to work within a Generic Specialist Nurse Team offering a mental Health focus. By default this will take some pressure of our CPN teams. Hope this makes sense.

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