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I am a guy and will be starting my nursing classes next week. Can any of you relate your experiences at having a guy in the class? I would especially like to hear from other men. I'm guessing I will be one of a small handful of men in the program (judging from my advising session...I was the only guy among like 20 nursing students in the room for advising). In your experiences, is there much prejudice among women in the profession against men? Thanks


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Go back thru the archives. This subject has been discussed many times. Good Luck! Mike


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My experience was a good one. My class had 65 students and 9 guys. It was never a problem for me. I had clinical assignments where I was the only guy and it went fine. My intructors were great for the most part. There were a few that you had to question whether they were biased because I was a male but nothing outright.

In the profession I have rarely run in to a nurse who was biased against me. I wouldn't take guff from any nurse that didn't like having a man in the profession. My unit has a lot of men but I work in the ICU. You will find that some areas are staffed with men more than others. ie, OR, PACU, ICU.

As a man and a nurse I think we need more men in the profession. It can only help the profession.


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I particluarly enjoyed the part of nursing school where we gave each other bed baths. I married my first bed bath "victim".


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It's not so much male nursing student, but male SINGLE nursing student. If you are married yule be accepted in a heartbeat because most are married or engaged or anchored with kids. Maintaining your freedom (and remaining a single male) will come at a cost, because the mostly married women will shun you. Don't let that bother you, if your single. Be proud! (and brave)

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I only had one Instructor that I really felt uncomfortable with, and that was during OB, I really think she was a sick twisted person. I'm not the only one that feels that way either

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well, I am not another man, last time I checked.......

but I can relate a bit........

in my nursing classes 1990-1992.....there were 3 men in the classes.........

they seemed to have to go out of their way to prove themselves................against the female oriented world/environment...........

but they also thrived and survived against all odds..........

a change in subject of the original will make it brief..........

if you did not find yourself of the mainstream of students within your was difficult or 'seemed to be made difficult'............

regardless of what gender you found yourself in.........

or, you don't have children........etc. or you are single, or you are older, younger, __________., etc.......

why I do not know...........

but echo, above sentiments.........

go for what you want,

be proud of who you are and be ...............


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Sorry I'm not a guy giving info, but we do have, in a class of 53, 6 men. 3 married, 3 single. We think it is awesome that they are in there. They don't have to work any harder then we do, and in my opinion, some of the instructors seem to really like them more than the females. No one in my class has to prove themselves, we all have to try hard. Good luck and be proud of your decision, not that it means much, since you don't know me, but I am really proud of you!!!:)

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