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  1. I am set to graduate from nursing school in April, and take the NCLEX in May. I am approaching my mid 20s and would like to see different areas of the world and gain as much experience as possible. I also have no idea what area I specifically want to focus on when I graduate and start to look for a job. My fear is that I will stay in one area too long and miss out on something I may enjoy more in a different area. What brought me into the nursing field was the opportunity to become a traveling nurse. I have found that most traveling agencies require a minimum of one- two years of experience. Other options? I have heard there are many different things a nurse can do outside of the hospital setting, but nobody has really shown me a list of those options. I really enjoy interacting with the patient, but I would like some ideas for careers outside of direct patient care.

    What area do you suggest for a guy fresh out of nursing school? What nursing jobs are available outside of the hospital setting? What traveling opportunities are available for first year graduate students?

    Thanks, I know I'm asking a lot.
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  3. by   Orca
    Concentrate on getting a job, period. With the current employment situation, you can't be too particular about what specialty you go into out of school. The important thing is to get experience somewhere, in something. There may not be choices. Once you begin to add to your background, then you can look for other areas to possibly move into. The unfortunate reality is that nursing jobs are short. A recent CNN article said that 43 percent of new nursing school graduates can't find work.

    As far as outside the hospital - correctional facilities sometimes hire new grads, and you are exposed to a lot of different things (generally just not a lot of any one thing). I am a DON for a state correctional agency, and I would not willingly go back to hospital nursing after doing this.

    Travel agencies don't hire new graduates. Travel nursing requires a degree of independence that a new graduate simply does not have. When a travel agency sends a nurse out on an assignment their reputation is riding on it. They need to make sure that the nurse's skills are polished and that he/she has solid nursing judgment - which only happens with work experience.
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    Not a nurse, however I'm looking at going into the field, my idea was basically the same as yours to work as a travel nurse, I'm only looking at working part time (I'm an old man ...on that note look into working for the CDC, they travel the world, how about applying for the state department, join the military, the government and non-profits offer a lot of exciting adventures. May not start out as a nurse, but in the health field leading you to the awesome nursing job you desire.....just a thought.