Nursing in Pennsylvania

  1. Hey folks. I am a 23 year old male and want to go to school to be an RN. I've heard that in PA when you are 24, your grades don't matter, which is important because I never did good in high school (failed freshman year) and haven't gone to any secondary schooling. It's the usual story of just-didn't-care-because-I-was-too-young.

    I guess that my main question is what kind of financial aid can I expect, tests to take to qualify for schooling, and scholarships or grants I can look into. I understand that the best answers for my case are to talk to a financial advisor at a local college, but I want to have a better idea of the questions I should ask, and the options available to me, before I go in there.

    This is a career I am determined to get into, and hope that you guys can give me some help and pointers on how to get the ball rolling. I can answer any questions you might have for me too to clarify things.
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