Navy- Nursing Student?

  1. Any of you guys went through the navy and work as a Hospital Corpsman while going to school for nursing? I was just wondering if it was possible? Or would it be best to get your BSN before joining the Navy or any service?
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  3. by   guerrierdelion
    [FONT="Georgia"]Hypothetically, if one were to join the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman, one has many options to exercise. You could conceivably challenge the LVN/LPN NCLEX depending on if you have already fulfilled your Hospital time working on the Nursing Ward/Floors-hopefully it hasn't changed-it was 1 year, it could be as little as 6 months now. (If that is how they still allow you to fulfill that prerequisite). If you passed the LVN/LPN NCLEX, you have the option of either 1) staying in as a Hospital Corpsman, taking as many classes as possible until your enlistment is up & then getting out 2) with your valuable Montgomery G.I. Bill in your possession, having the option to work as an LVN/LPN while taking classes, &/or 3) depending upon whether you have been accepted into a BSN program, do that full-time (BSN program), depending upon what your financial situation is and how your grades are holding up (Whether to work part-time or not). You could then come back to the Navy, Air Force, or Army after you finish your BSN and pass the NCLEX-If that is your heart's desire-to become a Navy Nurse Corps Officer.
    Another consideration is the roll of the dice of where you will be stationed as an enlisted military member. Specifically, will your assigned duty station have the schools or the ability for you to take the necessary classes you need to satisfy your Nursing education requirements?(be they prerequisite or actual BSN program) Keep in mind Hospital Corps Personnel can be either blue side (stationed on big gray metal things that float on the ocean or shore/land based) or green side (stationed with highly motivated, testosterone pumped Marines). You could be haze gray away on the 7 seas or with your squad in EAR RAQ (not EYE RAQ). It is a big decision on whether to enlist or not.
    Another option is to go reserves instead of active duty.
    Best wishes on whatever you decide to do. The G.I. Bill is a factor and can help out immeasurably in terms of the financial picture. Cruising the web I found these numbers:The maximum monthly rate for full-time students at approved schools is $1,034, for a total benefit of $37,224.
    Buy Up program, increases the monthly full-time rate you are eligible to receive by $150 if you contribute the maximum $600worth an additional $5,400 in benefits.
    37,224 + 5,400 = $42,624
    For college students and graduates who qualify for the Loan Repayment Program (LRP), the Navy will pay for up to $65,000 of loans acquired from a post–secondary education.

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  4. by   Skeletor
    Quote from guerrierdelion
    The maximum monthly rate for full-time students at approved schools is $1,034, for a total benefit of $37,224.
    Buy Up program, increases the monthly full-time rate you are eligible to receive by $150 if you contribute the maximum $600worth an additional $5,400 in benefits.
    37,224 + 5,400 = $42,624
    The new 2008-2009 fiscal year maximum monthly tax-free rate is $1471 per month (including Buy-Up) worth a total of $52,956
  5. by   groovy jeff
    Another option is the Coast Guard. Same benefits, but not as much overseas stuff. Also, your not attached to a bunch of jar heads .

    When I was a Coastie, a hundred years ago, our Hospital Corpsman training was 2 weeks longer than the Navy and was at the Coast Guard Academy in CT. I made rate (promoted) every time I was eligible. Thus I made E5 within 3 years which at that time was unheard of if you were in the Navy (or any other service). The CG at that time was smaller than the NYC police department and there were only 22 other guys going up for rate (HM3, HM2, etc) everytime that I was; so in essence, whether we deserved it or not, they promoted us all.

    This was in the mid 1970s and I have no idea how it works today; however, you might want to check it out before you make a decision.

    Good Luck!

    PS- In the Coast Guard you don't need a whole city afloat to get underway
  6. by   Kevin RN08
    But Jeff you forgot about the 6' height requirement for the USCG ... so you can walk ashore!
    There is a new "Post 9/11" GI Bill that offers considerably more financial aid, I don't know the specifics. I read on another site that it is basically the MGIB + E5 housing allowance ($750ish?).
  7. by   HM18404
    To answer the original post I am currently on active duty as a Hospital Corpsman and the I was selected for the Medical Enlisted Commisoning Program for Nursing and will be starting this Fall full time at East Carolina University. Basically the Navy sends me to school to complete a BS-Nurs. and still get paid (so school is my full time job). The draw back about this particular program is that I have to pay out of pocket all costs for school(tuition, books, fees etc). I have the option of using the GI Bill, applying for scholarships and or student loans.

    Another option is the Seaman to Admiral program (Nursing option) in which the Navy covers the tab up to a certain amount. If you go over that yearly amount you eaither pay out of pocket, GI Bill Scholarships etc to make up the difference.

    You have to be on active duty or on Full Time Support to apply and do not have to get out of the Navy. Matter of fact its a requirement after getting selected that you have to re-enlist.

    guerrierdelion brought up some other good options as well.
  8. by   SAmilnurse
    Hi Guys greetings from a South African military nurse, over here the Military Health Service is the fourth Arm of Service, so we work at our own AOS facility within their units.
    Im currently working in a naval environment and am researching the role and fucntions of naval nurses. For many years nurses ahve not been allocated to vessels of the Navy. If any of you would like to share your experiences please dont hesittate to contact me.
    Many thanks