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Do many of you guys sport a beard this time of year? I'm thinking its okay for nursing if kept short, but probably not while looking for a job? I hate shaving as I have sensitive skin and usually... Read More

  1. by   styRN
    Quote from wayunderpaid
    This is not true at all where I work. They simply provide you with a mask that covers your whole head. (Look like a beekeeper)
    Do whatever you want as long as is clean.
    I should have clarified: our policy is that if you can't pass the fit test during times where you need to wear N95/respirators, you are off work without pay. Since I couldn't pass my fit test with a beard, I would have to choose whether or not to keep the beard and be off work or shave and work. We only have a limited supply of full-hood respirators where I work, and since my failing my fit test was only because of the beard and not because of ant type of physical problem/anomoly like elephant man facial features, I wouldn't automatically be given the hood and could face being off without pay.
  2. by   tiij
    i went to work today with a mo. we have this thing in australia call movember.. blokes grow a mo in support of mens helth issues like depression and prostate cancer.. why should the pink ribbon get all the attention!

    so i rock up today not with a handlebar mo like the guy off american chopper, but more of a 70's mo.. everyone hated it! i didnt get in trouble, they just said i was a bit of porn star.

    where i work anthing pretty much goes as long as you act professional i think.
  3. by   JONlvn-np2b
    i wish i could grow a beard.