Medsurg or LTACH position

by Iamkida Iamkida (New) New

I have been a RN for 1 year and a LPN for 4 years. I was recently working in telephone triage but I wanted to go back to clinical nursing since I have a stonger support system now and my child is older. I have been offered a full time day position on a Med Surg unit and a Flex position with fixed schedule every other weekend 7a-7p with the opportunity to pick up additional shifts if I want to at the LTACH. My dilemma with this decision should I take the Med surg position since it'll be a better opportunity to grow my skills since this will be my first hospital job or choose the flex position so that I'll have better control of my schedule and spend time with my son? Will the LTACH offer me the same learning opportunity? Is this an environment I'd thrive in since I've been out of the clinical setting for 2 years? I'm also a military wife and my husband will be overseas unaccompanied for a year. I moved back home so my mom could help watch my son while I get the needed experience to eventually do travel nursing or float pools. Is there any advice you'd offer me? What should do?