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MedPro Staffing?


Hi there, this is my first post and am considering my first travel position. MedPro has been recruiting me heavily and my instinct is that this is a big company with lots of money for recruitors, but can't seem to find any reviews on them. Does anyone have any first hand experience?

Also, what is the best way to understand the pay structure of travel jobs? I don't quite understand these "per diems" in regards to taxable and non taxable pay items. Is there a good website link to research this?


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Have read the name but never worked for MedPro. Don't know anyone in my multiple years of travel that has either. That really doesn't mean anything though. You will probably find that most travel nurses have a relationship of sorts with their recruiter. It's either good or bad. Doesn't really matter what company you work for. If the recruiter isn't on your side then you won't be happy with what he/she finds. Despite all of our advances in technology, it's still about the people. Have yet to find a computer program that will provide the personal care that require. Sure you can do your banking anytime you want, you can maybe find a job posting at 2am but you will still need to talk to a human to really get anything done. That may or may not answer your first question and as far as the second part you will have to go to an IRS website to determine your interpretation of their rules. Use that to file and pay your taxes and as long as they don't come looking for you for an audit you have done well. I used to say it was important to speak with a "Tax Professional" but I don't really think there is anyone who can understand the rules regulations and requirements. It will wind up being what ever the IRS decides at the end of your audit. Good luck

Hey thanks. It seems like every company I start to research has some good reviews and some bad reviews. I guess the best way to get started is to have some applications out with the companies with which i have a good recruiter relationship then see what the benefits packages look like?

Also appreciate the tax talk. Just spoke with a friend who has travelled frequently... she said basically the same thing.


Did you end up travelling with Medpro? I am considering signing up with them.

Cheers from Australia.