Medication woes...list , bottles etc

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our office is being plagued with med problems.

We are strivihg to help our patients get thier meds straight and reduce the many problems with taking the wrong meds, wrong doses etc.

How do you handle the challenge of helping them manage multiple meds?

We ask them to bring ALLL bottles to the appt, but I hear alot of complaints what about your guys?

They bring incomplete lists .. they go thier VA doc, thier cardiologists, urologist etc and we have NO idea what they are taking

We ask them to request the med refill by name of medication when calling for refills ..but we still get "The water pill the nerve pill" etc

We ask them to call for refills a week befoer they run out , but we still get the .."I need my medicine now story"

we are in the process of putting together a brochure outlining a med policy, have any of you put together pt ed material about meds?

What is your office doing to solve these problems?

looking forward to hearing from you!!

Talk to you later * Darla

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