Medical Surgical Position Vs. Pre OP PACU Position



I am a new nurse (I started working in July) on a medical surgical floor nights. I am so grateful just to have a job in this economy, but I have not adjusted well to nights I have anxiety all day about going to work and I dread going to work all day. I am sad to say I don't enjoy my job. On nights I work I don't see my boyfriend so we could go up to 3 days without seeing each other at all, which also adds to my anxiety. I have a great opportunity that was offered to me, especially being a new graduate. I was surprised and honored to offered a position in surgery in the hospital that I currently work at in Pre Op/PACU. It is a day position full time Monday through Friday 8 hour shifts I would make $10 less an hour.

At first I really wanted this position, I didn't think I would get it with all the people who applied, but now I am having second thoughts. I love that the hours are NORMAL people hours Monday through Friday and during the day. However, that is the same thing I don't like I am going to miss my 4 days off 3 days on. Of course making $10 less an hour is also something that I am questioning, but financial I could take it and be okay. Finally, I eventually one day want to work in Labor and Delivery. Does working in surgery look better or worse than Medical Surgical experience on a resume? I am so confused and really having a hard time deciding. I feel like this is such a great opportunity to work in a speciality unit as a new grad. I feel like I will be a lot happier with my job there in medical surge. However, like I said before I am worried if this experience will look on my resume when I apply for an L&D position (which currently no position is open and may not be for quite some time), working 5 days a week instead of 3 days, and the pay cut. What would you all do? Thank you in advance for all of your help I really appreciate it!