what is medical nursing?

  1. hi there Im a third year student nurse and I was wondering if any medical nurses would give me an insight into their roles as a medical nurse. Does any1 know of any good websites or books to obtain information on medical nursing?
    Thank you
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  4. by   acarlrn
    Hi, I am an RN that works on a medical floor in a community hospital. The patient population has various age ranges: adolescent to geriatric. We also have a small pediatric unit. Most of the patients are chronically ill with disease processes such as: chest pain, respiratory problems, CHF, DVT, pulmonary embolism, DKA, dehyration and other acid base imbalances, pneumonia, acute or chronic COPD, gi bleeds, ect. this is only a small sample of what we get. I encourage you to start with medical/surgical nursing, I was advised to do this by an instructor of mine and I found that it is a wonderful place to expand your knowledge base about assessment, planning, procedures, and medications. A book that is of help is you med/surg nursing text. It will tell you just what kind of things you would be doing in this setting. In my hospital I am a primary RN on the medical floor night shift but I float up to the surgical floor from time to time. I am getting a world of experiences that I was unable to get in nursing school. Good luck!!:roll
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