Required expired or surplus internal staplers

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    This is Dr. Sten, I am a visiting scholar at Emory. Right now, I am helping a poor patient program in south asian countries to get some internal staplers for low anterior resection operations and wedge resection for lung cancers. The staplers will be used in Patients who must use staplers for low anterior resctions or who is in poor health condition which can not allow the thoracical cavity be open, but need to carry wedge resction for lung cancer. But, they can not afford the regular priced staplers.

    If you have expired internal staplers, or staplers which you not longer want, please let us know. You are welcome to donate them to us throught Medshare international. Or, we have allocate a fund to purchase them at discounted price. Especially, when you have returns which will be auction out, please email us what you have at, we would love to see if we can buy out the surplus to help the program over there.


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  3. by   Yen Ribo
    I think the best way for you to obtain this is to contact your area hospitals and the O.R. managers or charge nurses. We do volunteer work as a surgical team to third world countries every year and we get our supplies from donations or collections from the different hospitals. Also we call the different companies who are makers of these staplers and they donated some. Get some info from the reps who usually go to the operating room to observe while their products are being used. They will give you some info also. I will try to find out more or give you the specifics in the future. Gooldluck.