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I've developed a bad habit that's totally bit me in the you-know-where. I work on a med/surg unit that has 16 beds, my usual patient load is six to seven patients, and I get pretty busy most of the... Read More

  1. by   nyrn5125
    You try to get your facility to use preprinted standard report sheets fo everyone, they make them with all info that is needed..diagnosis,blood sugar, diet, activity, VS, Some have 2-3 sheets so you can give to your CNA. We write them out for the next shift coming on. Saves lots of time. Also I have found that if I listen to what the previous shift assessment is it usually is off. I like to start new and then later on you can look back at their flow sheet and compare. I have been told a pt had decreases BS but really had ronchi all over and was never suctioned all night and sounded awful, had no gag reflex- many more issues but I wont bore you. Anyway good luck