Critical Thinking For Med-surg nursing - page 3

Just failed PBDS and lost my travel job. Had never heard of this test before nor did any of my former coworkers.So I tried doing some research and very hard to find info but I did find one book that... Read More

  1. by   lorster
    Well, i have decided to stay with this company. So far, they are being great. No test taking, three shifts in a row, all guaranteed. All self schedule. Floating is on a rotating basis, which is what we do at our hospital. And all in writing. The pay is good, tax free stipend is good, travel pay is good, good benefits. They will pay me if i opt out of the health insurance which i already have it through my husband. The recruiter has been great so far. So far, this is a win win situation and I will actually be on a unit that will teach me some things. Now, I have not worked a night shift in years but I may enjoy that pace at first. I'm excited, scared, nervous but I'm giving it my best and may like it so much I'll extend my contract. Thanks for all your advice.
  2. by   Bozzie
    That's wonderful that you were able to get such a good deal. Sometimes it isn't all about the money. If everything else about a job is great then maybe it's worth it to take a little less. You could be making the big bucks at a hospital that treats you like dirt, with an agency that isn't supportive and in disgusting housing. I actually work for a local agency when I am in my home town just so I can work at my favorite hospital so that means I have to forgo my housing stipend, which comes out to a lot of money I am not getting. But I would rather make less and be happy where I am working. Good luck to you.