blood pressure meds and the dialysis patient

  1. heartbeat What if your patient has a BP of 180/90, and you don't know when exactly the dialysis nurse will arrive? Should you hold the BP meds even with such a high blood pressure? I'm a new nurse and have experienced different views among the staff and doctors.
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  3. by   orangepink
    I would call the dialysis RN for an estimated time of arrival and if it's really so late in the day, then you might want to give the BP med but if she's coming in a couple of hours then you can hold it. Also, try to consult with your nurse supervisor.
  4. by   corky1272RN
    Yes I would definitely call the dialysis nurse. Sometimes I say that if they are asymptomatic then hold it. You wouldn't believe how many people come in the clinic with that BP and with in the first hr it may be 142/72. Each person is different how they react to dialysis. Sometimes the pt knows how their BP is on dialysis. Not sure if he/she can communicate (?). Thanks