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Hey Everyone,

I'm getting my first PDA for Christmas. It's a PalmOne Tungsten-E. I'm mostly getting it so that I can download medical programs that might be useful while at work or during clinicals. My question is...what programs do you all use and recommend? I've done some researching on the free programs as well as the ones that have to be bought. There are so many possibilities though. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks


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A PDA drug guide is great to have when meds are added after you have pre-planned. I also like my PDA version of Taber's dictionary--sometimes it's just handier. Archimedes is occassionally handy for calculating BMI or osmolality, and it's free. An RN Dx program I bought proved not to be so useful, to me, since I usually have all my books open when I careplan. ePocrates isn't bad, but I only have the free version.

A lot of PDA software comes in free trial versions that give you a chance to see whether you'll use it. Most, if not all, of Skyscape's stuff is like that.

I also got a couple of lab guides for free, but had to by iSilo to open them. They aren't bad, but I think I'll buy a more complete one, next time I have some extra cash.

On the other hand, I'll be an RN, next time I have some extra cash...


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cool deal..thanks to you both. The info is helping me a lot. :)



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I really like epocrates. It is a great drug reference and includes herbs and other alternative meds. When you subscribe you also get a feature called "medmath" that has every possible formula you may need for school or work and a "tables" section that has lots of helpful info, including normal lab values and vaccination guidlines for adults and peds. It really helps in my job to have a complete drug reference right there in my pocket!

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