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I have been working very hard to gain my board certification for Medical Assitant and am now being told that I am wasting my time! I was wondering if there was anyone out there who could tell me if I will, in fact, even make enough money to support my child? I am a widow and was told this was a relatively well paying position.

I was also wondering what the differences are between a Med Tech and a Medical Assistant. Any advice or answers? Thanks!:uhoh21:


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I have been a MA for 9 years. I am now trying to get my RN. Depending on where you live, they don't pay much. Go to to look up salary in your area. When I was out of work on maternity leave with my son, I was trying to get a job closer to home. With all my experience I was lucky to be offered 12 an hour.. not much to live on. If I were you I would go for RN.. Just my opinion. Also, there really is no room to grow as an MA, you are pretty much stuck as an MA, overworked, underpaid.