med-surg rn wants to be a nicu rn


I have been a med-surg rn for 5+ years and am wondering what the best way to transition into NICU would be? Everyone wants experienced NICU nurses, but how can I get experience if no one is willing to train? Any help would be great! I'm in Portland, OR if that matters:wink2:

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Apply for everything. Hiring trends change, and you never know. I've noticed that my particular hospital swings back and forth between, like, NewGradopalooza and requiring experience in a particular specialty. I know you're not a new grad, but the principle applies. My own hospital has 5 openings in the pedi OR and I've got most of the surgical staff (including the chief of surgery) recommending me, but they *still* won't hire me with 2 years in the organization. If they don't have someone qualified to train a person with no experience in the specialty, you probably don't want to work there anyway. Your orientation would be... not good.

Also try WBN, or maybe a level II NICU. Don't know if you're trying for a level III/IV, but maybe it'd be easier to get into a level II? Just guessing, though, I have no real idea.

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