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I have been a nurse for nearly 3 years now...I started at a nursing home (hated it :scrying:) and I have been on a very busy medsurg floor for nearly 2 years now. Busy and crazy nearly all the time. I hate having 8 patients . Despite the bad days I still love nursing. I have always been interested in the NICU and L & D. Recently NICU has really been on my mind.

I was wondering about the learning curve and and what are some good books to give me a bit of prep and review.

I appreciate any advice


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Well, I'm not sure I can offer much in the way of advice but I believe we're on similar paths.

I want to do mother/baby then lactation (working on my IBCLC hours through LLL). I like clinic. I just thought I'd do the acute care thing to get experience, etc. As an RN, I've done home health, LTC and now Medical. I HATE, absolutely HATE the unit and the hospital that I work in. I used to work in another health sciences discipline so I've worked all of the area hospitals and I can say that this one (large, multi facility) is BAD. Quite the negative environment. I dread going, hate the work and recognize that this will not change. It's not about getting used to it; I don't feel unsure of myself- I can ask for help when I'm not familiar with something, etc. I'm also on nights (which I also hate) but now realize that I can't switch to days (this WAS the plan) because there is less support on days than nights, including some really problematic type A personalities and I'm Waaaayyyyy too laid back to accept this in addition to the rest of my unpleasant circumstance. Wondering how long I'll last......

Hope you make it longer than I do and can reach the goal. I'm starting to wonder why the hell I ever switched from nutrition. Opportunity? Sheesh! They don't even offer 8 hour shifts anymore. Life as a slave.

I've already talked a couple of people out of nursing school.


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Having a med-surg background is helpful because it gave you a solid background in nursing. I'm assuming you understand the rationales, etc behind the tasks you performed and understand the disease processes. So, you shouldn't have a problem because you have a strong base.I would suggest Handbook of Neonatal Intensive Care (Merenstein & Gardner). NANN (National Association of Neonatal Nurses) has some good resources. And I would highly suggest taking the S.T.A.B.L.E. Learner Course. Although, depending on where you are it could be difficult to find.But don't spend too much money, until you're sure it's what you want to do. And if you get a NICU job they may provide you with a lot of those learning opportunities and materials without cost to you.Even with med-surg experience you should get a full 3-month orientation to NICU.Good luck!