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med-surg to endo or PACU?

I'm coming up on a year of med surg nursing. Med surg isn't my passion though I do generally like my job and love my Co workers. I'm strongly considering PACU and endoscopy. There are positions open at the hospital closer to my apt where I've been trying to get a job. Not to say one or the other ARENT stressful in their own way etc, but I'm thinking more and more about how wonderful it'd be to not have the stressors of med surg floor nursing. This early into my career I feel the toll on me!!

I spoke to two people I know who work in PACU and endo at different hospitals and they both recommend them.

How likely am I to get an interview for either with one year med/surg experience? I feel like I could transition easily...

Double Dunker

Specializes in Med Surg/PCU.

Hospitals in my area require ICU experience to go to PACU, so I would be doubtful about that one.

It turns out that's the case with the PACU at the hospital I want to apply to. I'm not sure if they require ICU experience at my current hospital but I don't want to start a new position there anyways. It stinks though because a friend of mine started out as a new grad in PACU!! I did apply to endo though. I feel like med surg qualifies me for endo ....


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