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Hello my name is Bridget I am just finishing a STNA class and was given the option to take what they call a med pass class. I was told that this is going to be a new thing that they are pushing to make it so they can have stna`s pass meds but I am unsure if the $900 class is worth it. I mean is this something that would be helpful or does any one know anything about it. Kind of confused. if it helps I live in NW Ohio.

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Without knowing any more specifics about what you're talking about, I'd say no. If you're a nursing assistant and your facility is interested in having you become a med tech (or whatever they call those who pass meds) they'll probably train you themselves for free. I wouldn't spend $900 on something that you may or may not even be able to use.

I would say take a pass on it for now. It's not the best for a new CNA to be bumped up to passing meds already. I know a lot of people will say it doesn't mater, but I really think it does. Being a med aide/tech is STRESSFUL. On top of learning all the medications, there's a lot of lingo and policies and procedures to learn. It's bad enough being a new CNA and trying to learn everything about your residents and figuring out how the whole system works. CNAs really need experience before they take that next step. Once you have worked in health care for awhile, it may be appropriate IF it's something that you would like to pursue (there is not a huge difference in pay, but it's a LOT of added responsibility).

And $900 is a lot of money to take a gamble on. What if you never use that certification? If a facility specifically wants you to pass meds, they would pay for you to receive the proper training. If you just up and decide to get certified with your own time/money, there's no guarantee there will be a position for you (med aide/tech jobs are far fewer than CNA jobs).

Thank you for the help. I am looking into this more before i commit to spending such a large amount of money. I have herd froma few of the places that i have looked into that they will pay for the class after i have worked for them for a set amount of time. I have only had one place actually tell me flat out it was a good thing. I do think this is something that i would like to do seeing as i am a certified pharmacy tech already i am sure it wouldnt be to much for me to take the class so it is something that i may take later. thanks again for the help

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