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Hi all! I know that this may be asking a lot, but I figured that this could be a good way to get a variety of answers and information. I am a nursing student and for a "project" for one of my classes regarding patient safety and safety culture, I am required to "survey" registered nurses regarding their experiences with patient care errors that they have made during their career. Any stories/information/experiences would be greatly appreciated. Just answers, no personal information will be used in the project.

1. Give me a brief description of the patient care error.

2. What do you believe contributed to the patient care error?

3. Did you recognize that you had made the error?

4. Did you report the error?

5. What influenced your decision to report or not to report the error?

6. Describe any effects on the patient?

7. Did the patient have an adverse event because of the error?

8. What were the effects on you, as the nurse?

9. How did the culture on your unit and within your health care organization influence the results of this error?

10. How has the error affected the your nursing practice? Both positive and negative.

11. What have you done to prevent making this error again?

12. What safety rituals do you use in your nursing practice and what is the best safety ritual advice you have for a new nurse?

Answers may be posted or emailed to: [email protected]

I know it can be a bit lengthy, but this is all for educational purposes and learning from one another!

Thanks so much!

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