MD's Professional Behavior?


I was driving home last night w/my 17 month old twins in their carseats. I was on an expressway in IL that is known for its rather tolerate speeding. It's near O'Hare Airport so I guess ppl are always in a hurry for their flight...

Well, I was in the center lane, when a black Mercedes two door came flying up behind me and tried to cut into my lane -- the driver had to be driving close to 90mph. I noticed that the license plate suggested MD status: it was the standard abbreviation for fracture or a contration of 'fix' and then 'bones'.

As I hit the horn to keep him from smashing into my beloved family (plus, my car is an SUV, so damage could be quite substantial at those speeds) this 'medical professional' sticks his middle finger out the sunroof at me.

Made me laugh til I cried, :devil: all the way home. My daughters thought I was nuts.


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Stitchie, I don't get it...

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