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Im a new RN in Missouri and interested in becoming a MDS Coordinator and LTC Admin.

Would anyone know where i can get classes on these topics ?

Thank you


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First, you buy an RAI Manual and read through it.

Then, you go to the HCFA site and familiarize yourself with the regulations and visit related links in the web

Being a member of the AANAC, participating in the cmdg discussion group and attending the conference that this group organizes year round will really help you a lot.

Also, you need to gain actual experience as an MDS Coordinator. Buddy with an experienced RNAC and learn to do several MDS a day, write RAP notes, make care plans.

Good luck to you!

Catsrule16, RN

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What kind of hours are you looking at? :rolleyes: Are you married or in a relationship? :( Do you own stock in the company that makes TUMS? :)

Don't get me wrong, being an MDS coordinator can be a great position, however it does have drawback. I was an MDS coordinator for 6 years. Loved it. BUT, I averaged 12 hours a day, had to be on call, didn't have a social live, and developed an ulcer from the stress. My husband of 2 years got fed up with the long hours and calls in the middle of the night to work because someone didn't show up. :eek:

You need to have excellent organizational and time management skills and be a motivator to keep all the disciplines on top of things. I commend you if this is what you truely want to do. Get as much education on the process as you can even if you have to pay for it yourself. Shadow someone to see if it is for you.

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