MDC nursing program


Hello everyone. I'm an aspiring nurse with an ultimate goal of being a flight nurse but I have a big setback problem.

Are my chances low of getting in the MDC generic or accelerated program low? I have a low GPA of 3.01 and my core classes are: Chem: A

Chem lab: B


Anatomy 1: C

Anatomy 2: C

Anatomy 1 lab: C

Anatomy 2 lab: C

As you can see the anatomy killed me because i slacked off. I also dropped microbio lab because i crammed in a&p 2 with microbio and it was too much and my only hope is to get in the mdc program or i would have to take the lab again to get into different schools. I can take the classes again but that is the last thing i want to do because it will set me back more semesters. Right now I'm studying for the PAX pre test for the program and working part time. My fall back is the paramedic program also at MDC for the meantime then try nursing again. I realize if I don't get in I'll definitely have to retake classes and might have to wait a whole year to apply again. Should I become a paramedic first? Can anyone please give me advice on the best approach to this awful situation I'm in??