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MCPHS Manchester Spring 2021


Has anyone else been accepted to MCPHS for their Manchester campus for Spring 2021? I just got my acceptance letter the other day!

Congratulation ! Do you receive scholarship?

Yeah there was a small scholarship awarded from the university.

Congratulations.I got accepted too, trying to pay for parking space today. 

Do you guys who were accepted mond sharing your stats (Overall GPA, prerequisite GPA, Healthcare experience, etc.)? Also, did you apply to any other programs/were you accepted to those? I just applied for the fall cycle and I am curious to know how my application will compare to those who have been accepted. I am so nervous! And congratulations on your acceptance!

3.0 cumulative and I believe a 3.8 for science. I can’t remember what exactly their pre-reqs were but at least that I believe. I applied to about 8 schools total and got into 4 and waitlisted on one. UCAN in Denver is the program I start in January. I worked the last 4.5 years out of college as a juvenile corrections counselor. Trying to think of anything else helpful on the stats. I know I wanted details like those when I asked the same question when I was applying to school. Good luck! 

Thank you! Working in juvenile corrections must have been extremely challenging and rewarding! Congratulations on your acceptances and best of luck on your journey!