MCCN accelerated BSN program

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Hi everyone! I am new to but wanted to join since I'll be beginning an accelerated BSN program Jan 2016 and the goal, obviously, is to be a nurse!

Is there anyone out there who has/is taking the program at MCCN? I am interested to know the book list so I can start budgeting now. Or, is there anyone out there not using certain books anymore? I'd love to buy them off you, price permitting!

With all that said, I'm happy to be here and nice to meet you.



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Mount Carmel College of Nursing. Sorry, I should have specified.


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Hey, Angie. My name is Sarah Kendall and I'm also starting in 2016. I created a Facebook page - Mount Carmel College of Nursing SDAP 2017. Come join! I'm trying to connect as many classmates as I can. ☺️