May need to cancel travel contract: Advice Please!!



I'm an experienced nurse who recently moved to a new state for my husband's work. The hospital I have really been wanting to work at (as staff)--which is 10 min down the road was not hiring for a very long time. I got pretty desperate to start work and signed a 13 wk contract with a travel agency to work at a hospital over an hour away.

Well, of course my number one hospital posted a job and has called wanting to schedule an interview. If I were offered a job, I would really want to take it!! I don't know how long it will be before they post a job like this again.

My contract with with the travel agency wouldn't start for another 2.5 weeks and I have my own I haven't taken any money from them. Does anybody know how difficult it would be to cancel this contract and if (and how much) they would try to fine me?



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It'd be very easy to cancel.. Of course I would wait until you have the new job and at least try to give them 2-weeks notice. I would not be worried about them trying to fine you.


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I agree, just be honest with them. You have to look out for yourself and do what is best for your career.


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i walked into my travel job and canceled on day 1- because there was trouble withe agency and paperwork etc and went with another agency

it was simnple----like the others said- look out for yourself---good luck and take the job that you want--



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Aloha 79Tango-Sounds like you know a lot, so I have a question for you. I got a travel offer from the nurse manger my profile was sent to-they want me. I have not signed or even expressed a verbal contract with the travel company. Just some testing. We have decided to sell the house where I am now. Going to take some time to do so. How should I approach the company to tell them that "now is not a good time for me" and cancel without them "coming" after me. Others can also give me you input, as well. THANKS!