May '05 grad needs Philly advice

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I'll be graduating in May '05 with my ADN/RN and want to work in Philadelphia at a teaching institution, particularly because of my interest in science and technology, but also because I prefer to work in the best team-type atmosphere possible.

Nursing is a second career for me and I have my goal set for graduate school in the very near future. Just not sure yet what direction I will take when I get there. Drexel's program looks very interesting as you can tailor it to your needs. I am particularly interested in research.

Can anyone provide advice on which health system is the best to work for? I plan to apply for critical care positions. Some suburban hospitals take GNs for critical care positions, but they are not teaching institutions. Jefferson has told me that they only take GNs for their bone marrow transplant unit. What about UofP? Did anyone start there as a GN in one of their CCUs?

Thank you!


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