Math 110 or First Aid


Hi there,

Newbie here. I have a bit of an unusual question that is not really an issue for most nursing students. Before I start my BSN program next spring, I have to take A&P II and Micro as well as Medical Terminology this fall. For a program that I am in, I have to be full time. I am just trying to decide which class would be easier on me while I am taking those main two intense classes. My two options are Math 110 (3 credits) or HLTH 120 (first aid - 2 credits). I am good at Math and it would be an online only class whereas for HLTH 120, I would have to go to the actual campus weekly, but it is only 2 credits and the Math is 3. Does anyone have any idea which one would be the easier one to handle while taking the aforementioned courses? Thank you!