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Hello everyone,

I am looking at graduating this December with my BSN (thank goodness!). I have always entertained the idea of going back to school next Fall (2010) to begin my FNP degree at a part-time status. I was wondering if any of you had any opinions on whether it would be beneficial to go ahead and get the masters or if I should look at going straight for the DNP at a part-time status. Either way, I want to go part time in order to gain some experience as an RN before going into the world of NP. Any information would be greatly appreciated.




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My suggestion is that without more experience as a RN it might be difficult to get into most DNP programs. I think you probably have two viable options:

1) Work as a RN for a year or so. Apply to a program that allows a BSN-DNP that allows you to pick up the NP specialty along the way. Assuming you are wanting the marketability of wanting the NP with the DNP to give you options to work in a clinical areas as a NP and could teach too.

2) Work as a RN and get your Masters online. Pick up a FNP specialty at the end of the program. Go to work as a ANP and get your DNP online.

Just my thoughts.


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Thanks for the insight. That really solidified what my thought process was about the whole situation. Now I feel that my decision will be more informed.



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