So I'm a new graduate LVN in CA. I quickly learned that I want to be in some kind of leadership roll (clerical) instead of bedside nursing. I really wanted to go back for my RN but after taking a year off of work and the transition my kids had to adjust too and now finally getting back to normal, I just can't do a full time program again right now. My question is has anybody received a Master degree in Public Health or Health Admin? I was thinking about doing an online program; something I can still fit in my schedule while at home. So if anybody has their LVN and received a Masters, can you let me know what kind of career you were able to get into? What program did you go through for your Masters? How long did it take you to get a job? I'm hoping to get into a ADON position or a position as Health Admin at a hospital/med lab setting. Thanks in advance!