Massachusetts schools with online learning

Nursing Students Online Learning


I've spent countless hours searching the web and feel like I haven't found much. Maybe because there isn't much there but I'm hoping I'm not searching the right places....

I am currently looking for nursing schools in Massachusetts (preferably the eastern half) that are hybrid with mostly online courses/lectures and in person clinicals. Can be associates or ABSN as I already have a bachelor's in a non nursing field. Going in person to classes 3-4 days a week in addition to the clinical times is a huge "con" for me. I can absolutely put in the work/hours needed to study and learn but I need slight flexibility in the course part. When I look for these I mostly find schools not in Massachusetts or schools that advertise online learning but when I look into it; it's only the gen ED that's online. As I have all my science courses and a previous bachelors degree I likely won't need much if any gen ED. 

hoping someone has been in a similar position as me and can offer some suggestions! 

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