Where to look after less than 2 years experience?

  1. I graudated in May of 2011 with my ADN. I'm 4 classes away from my BSN. I had been working on a med/surg floor at the hospital associated with my nursing school from Jan 2011 (6 month precepting program before graduation) until this past fall. I had to have emergency surgery and they wouldn't hold my job. I was only part so I didn't qualify for FMLA or anything else that would have required them to hold my position.

    I'm now ready to go back, I've actually been ready since November, but I can't find anything! I'm not truly a new grad anymore but I don't really have enough experience for any of the positions I'm finding. I've gotten a call back from a local home care agency for a case management position (bayada) but after talking to me and realizing I was no longer at the hospital they said my experience wasn't sufficient. I'm looking for per diem, so it's not like I'm passing over jobs due to lack of hours.

    I'm south of Boston, if anyone knows of anything or has any tips I'd love to hear them!
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  3. by   primarycares
    A good friend worked per diem at South Shore Hospital for year and had a mostly good experience. They seem to have many more jobs on their site than last I looked and I know they are open to "newer" nurses (or have been in the past). Good luck!
  4. by   stef77
    I would love to work per diem there. It's so difficult to get in and now that they have earned magnet status they "strongly prefer" BSN. Hopefully once I have mine I'll be able to get in there. I live less than 10min away.
  5. by   ICURN012
    A coworker of mine just recently got hired at South Shore Hosp. He only has associates, but will receive BSN in a couple of months. It seems like they still hire nurses without a BSN, so you should give it a shot! Good luck with the job search!