What LPN cert. program can i get into?

  1. Hello everyone,

    I would like to introduce myself. I'm a thirty year old male in need of a satisfying career. I have gone from job to job all these years and never really felt fulfilled and content, not to mention they all payed horribly(that's what i get for not having a degree).

    The biggest mistake of my short existence thus far was dropping out of high school. Yeah, i know it was a bad decision but i have finally "seen the light":trout: . There is a local GED program in Newton that i will be attending soon. It's a little intimidating to get back to a classroom but i feel confident that i CAN do it.

    My first question is where can i get into a LPN cert. program that is close to watertown. I have read on here that there are 10-11 month programs but maybe i'm not looking hard enough because i haven't come across any nearby. I would prefer a no waiting list program, even if i have to go to a private school and pay more.

    At this point in my life i don't want to go far from my wife and family for school. I love spending time with my family but i have to sacrifice a little now to achieve more in the future. My wife makes good income but it's about time that i stepped up my game also. The pay for a LPN in this area is good so i hope to be in a nice position financially.

    I have researched other industries but healthcare seems to be for me. I like a hectic but structured workplace, maybe i would like to be in ICU or medsurg but it's so hard to know what to do without actually doing it.

    Please help me?

    Any advice or words of wisdom would be sooooo appreciated.


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  3. by   alize01843
    try to google mass state boards or http://www.mass.gov/?pageID=eohhs2te...l&csid=Eeohhs2
  4. by   oneclipse
    Hello Alize,

    I actually started a thread on the LPN/LVN board. It's pasted below. Sorry about keeping this thread alive but i thank you for the help.

    Can someone close this thread if possible?