Wait lists in Massachusetts for RN Programs

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    I am seriously contemplating going to school for nursing/RN. I currently work in a medical/psychiatric field and have been working there for 3 years or so. I work with RNs on a daily basis and they have all recommended that I should think about going to school for nursing as well. I am in the process of finishing several bachelor's via distance learning and will be done with them in 1 - 2 years time. One of my bachelors will be in Psych and after a conversation with a coworker of mine I am intrested in a career in psych nursing. The coworker has recently completed his RN and already has a bachelors in Psych and is now doing the Pre-Masters Pathway MSN/NP program with UMass. The track that he has taken interests me highly, but while I am not old by any means of the word, I am not getting any younger either. So, because I still have to take the lab prereqs it will take me at least a year or two to finish my bachelors and get the extra classes done. My question to the board is this, he has told me that almost all schools in Mass have a mega long waiting list to get into nursing school. Does anyone know how long the lines are for the different schools that are in central Mass? I have heard that Quinsig has a 3 year wait list! Also, when should I apply? Should I wait and apply after my bachelors is done or should I just stop my bachelors belt out the prereqs over the next year or so and then just go for it? Any insight that anyone has out there will be greatly appreciated as I am trying to set up some reasonable career goals over the next few years. I am thinking that I don't want to just waste my time if I have no shot at getting into a school until 5 years down the road. Thanks everyone!
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  3. by   newMAlpn26
    I just graduated LPN school. You could do that first and then do the fast track to RN in about a year! I am planning on doing that! AND that program is much easier to get into than the regular RN program.
    Good Luck!